Welcome to the Coatimondi Cat Club

Coatimondi Cat Club, a Charter TICA Cat Club, currently hosts a Cat Show in December in Tucson Arizona. The weather is always wonderful, the kittens and cats beautiful, and the exhibitors have lots of fun! Coatimondi Cat Club will be hosting the 2016 Ragdolls Around the World (RAW) show in December.



Interested in going to a cat show?? Here is a coupon for $1 off admission. You will find vendors with cat toys, cat beds and possibly cat jewelry for sale. You might see cat agility or hear breed talks by the breeders during the day. Each show is different and offers a unique experience.

TICA registers 63 different cat breeds - go to TICA.org to read about the breeds. TICA also registers Household Pets You will be able to watch the judging and view the cats or talk to the owners/breeders about your favorite breed of cat. Ask how to enter your cat in an upcoming show - maybe your cat can be a star!

Our Sponsors A big THANK YOU to Dr Elsey's who is Sponsoring both our upcoming 2016 shows. Please support our Sponsors.
And Runway Pets who is sponsoring Raw Around the World.

About Cat Shows New to cat shows? TICA has a page about showing your cats in TICA. First in Flight, a TICA Club, has provided this link for new exibitors which has additional information.


TICA Southwest RegionCoatimondi Cat Club is a member of TICA's Southwest Region. The region consists of 4 states: Arizona, California, Hawaii and Southern Nevada..




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